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I have always envisioned a world where the horses roam free
among all the animals in open meadows of soft grass,
wildflowers, warm sunshine, shady trees, and clear sparkling
water dancing it's way back to the sea. Now I have learned of
the Elusian Fields waiting on the other side of the dark,
frightening doorway of death and the beautiful rainbow bridge.

But I believe this alternate reality is one of many that can
be reached by meditation and mindful projection just as it has
been accessed through myth and imagination, dreams and visions.
A horse can help us to find the path, lightening our load,
teaching us patience, perseverance, and the power of love.
We can all fulfill our destiny in our own way, and the church
is but one doorway of many. Rooted in eco-feminism, fueled
with compassion, The Church of the Horse has the power to help
both species ascend to a higher level.

Diane Boling
Sandy Boling
Association of Unity Churches
Unitarian Universalist Association
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