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The Church of the Horse calls upon St. Francis of Assisi
for guidance in bringing religious and spiritual matters
into the 21st century. Many people have lost faith or
strayed from various paths provided by conventional religion.
St. Francis has always been the patron saint of animals,
and there are many individuals who can be reached by the
spiritual nature of their favorite animal. Equine assistance
is now being offered to individuals seeking something "more". 

The time has come to recognize the significant contributions
to mankind made by the horse through the centuries.
"Horsepower" is synonymous with strength, yet embodies beauty
and grace. Inspiring poets, artists, and now working with
healers to overcome the sacrifices and slavery of their species.

The promise to do that which is right is a compelling force
promoting absolute freedom of religious choice within our
congregation, welcoming any and all to join the circle of
energy for goodwill towards all living beings.

Pray for enlightenment, dispelling the darkness of the spirit,
to heal the body and soul. Join the search for limitless faith,
unfailing hope, and universal love, not only to man, but to all
animals. There is a deep connection of all things created and
the Creator. To sing the praises and say the blessings honors
the Lord, Our Father; as well as Mother Earth; brothers sun,
flame, wind; sisters sky, stars, moon; the Lady of the Lake;
the monks of the mountains; birds, fish, animals, even plants
and stones. All in creation becomes One with the universal 
life force known as Love.  

Diane Boling
Sandy Boling
Association of Unity Churches
Unitarian Universalist Association
Copyright 2005, Church of the Horse, All Rights Reserved.